Ivan Krakow


Ivan Krakow has been an avid outdoorsman for his entire life and an AMC trip leader for nearly 20 years. He began climbing glaciated peaks on a guided MT Rainier climb with his son in 1998.

He has led other Summit Sensations members on successful climbs of MT Baker, MT Hood and MT Rainier.

Ivan is an accomplished backcountry skier, rock climber and backpacker in addition to being an excellent mountaineer. He has taught backcountry skiing, mountain hiking, rock climbing and glacier travel at AMC workshops for 10 years.

Ivan is a calm, easy going yet confident presence in the mountains who enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience with others. Ivan knows how to enjoy the journey as much as the summit and his style inspires others to do the same.

Currently Ivan is doing most of his climbing and skiing in Asia. He lives and works in Singapore and travels extensively through that region of the world.