James Nupp

Like many of the leaders, Jim began his hiking experience in the White Mts of N.H.  That led him to rock climbing, then ice climbing and ultimately to mountaineering.  Jim’s passion for travel has led him to over thirty countries of the world, first as a Navy pilot, then airline pilot and now, independently.

His mountaineering experience includes the North Cascades, the Alps, Canadian and U.S.Rockies, Austria, Italy, Greece, Morocco and Africa and he has trekked in Patagonia, the Cordillera Blanca in Peru, Annapurna and Patar, Nepal, Morocco, Kenya and most of the U.S. national parks.

His thirst for outdoor adventure includes everything from an unsupported bike trip across the interior of Iceland, washing elephants in Nepal , camel travel to an overnight camp in the Sahara desert, observing polar bear migration in Hudson Bay to a month as volunteer for the National Park service.

He hopes his experiences will be an incentive for others to explore new places, experience new cultures and improve their outdoor skills.