Scott Maxner


Scott Maxner is a retired Army Warrant Officer (Topographic Engineer) who has a passion for teaching and doing anything outdoors! Although he has hiked all his life, his mountaineering career started as he pursued four-season hiking here in the White Mountains.

Scott joined the first trip to Mt. Adams in Washington State (2003). Since then, he has reached the summits of Mt. Adams (twice), Mt. Hood and Mt. Saint Helen’s (twice). Scott has had two attempts at Mt. Rainier, two other attempts at Mt. Hood, and recently attempted Mt Baker. Scott has co-lead on Mt. Rainier, and was the leader of the 2008 Mt. Baker trip.

Scott’s technical ability and willingness to lead afforded him the opportunity to be a Glacier Travel and Mountaineering Workshop Instructor for the past four years. He was the co-director in 2007 and 2008.

Scott has been the guardian of the Summit Sensations equipment for a few years and is the current club President.